Safe, Secure File & Document Sharing

At The Nuvo Group, we understand the critical importance of securely sharing transactional documents, especially during the due diligence phase of any deal. Our cutting-edge solution revolves around a state-of-the-art Virtual Data Room (VDR) designed to simplify and fortify the sharing of due diligence documents in the cloud. We recognize that maintaining control over your intellectual property, financial information, and proprietary documentation is paramount. Yet, the challenges of executing such control can be daunting, potentially leading to delays or, even worse, jeopardizing a deal.

Our VDR solution is your answer, boasting an intuitive, user-friendly interface that empowers you with robust document control capabilities. We couple this control with state-of-the-art security features, including digital shredding, customized watermarking, and an exhaustive audit trail, making it the most secure and user-friendly VDR solution available.

You're in control

  • Granular Permissioning: Assign precise permissions, even on devices outside your IT department's jurisdiction.
  • Customizable Document Security Policies: Tailor security measures to your unique needs.
  • Dynamic Watermarking: Safeguard documents with customizable watermarks.
  • Secure Printing: Ensure printed materials remain confidential.
  • Remote Shredding: Retain the ability to shred documents remotely, enhancing security.
  • Screenshot Blocking: Prevent unauthorized screenshots or captures.
  • Two-Step Verification: Add an extra layer of security to access.
  • Multi-Level Encryption: Implement robust encryption protocols.
  • Secure And Reliable Cloud Infrastructure: Trust in our dependable cloud infrastructure for data storage.
  • Customer-Managed Encryption Keys: Maintain control over encryption keys for added security

With The Nuvo Group's VDR solution, you can securely and efficiently navigate the complexities of document sharing, confident in the knowledge that your sensitive information remains under your control, safe, and fully compliant with the highest security standards. Partner with us to streamline your document sharing processes and safeguard your most valuable assets.

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