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Capital Markets

When it's deal time, our expert team deploys the technologies that create, produce and deliver compliance and transaction documents perfectly.

From IPO’s, mergers to leveraged buyouts or bankruptcies, we’re here to guide you through meeting the strict regulatory requirements with our state of the art resources and technology. Experience the Nuvo Difference and have All Eyes On Deck in deals large and small – where mistakes are not an option.

The Nuvo Group has managed and supported the complex regulatory requirements of Capital Markets of hundreds of different transactions over the years. Our extensive knowledge of, and experience with, SEC regulations ensures we have every aspect of the services you need to take regulatory projects to market from creation, filing, production and distribution.

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Financial Printing Solutions

Everything you need under one convenient roof for offset and on-demand financial printing

Whether it’s annual reports to 10-K’s and 10-Q’s to bank books to proxy statements, The Nuvo Group is equipped to deliver excellence across all printing services, including B/W or 4-color offset, digital on-demand, variable data, foil stamping & embossing, finishing & binding, and more.

“The preeminent thing that they get right is that they are highly knowledgeable in all phases of financial printing.”

“When you go to print, you’re at the end of the deal process, and you’ve been working a lot of late nights. They just make getting across the finish line very easy — which is welcome relief when you consider the amount of stress you’ve been under.”

“We sign off on these materials and go home and expect to have hardcopies in the office by eight the next morning, and you have the peace of mind that they’re actually going to be there, done.”

“Other times we are forced to use other printers, and they are not as good by far. It’s always a painful process, there are more people involved, you have to wait a lot longer, there are so many more questions and, in general, it’s a lot less enjoyable.”

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Financial Printing Solutions

XBRL Tagging & Filing

Our expert team deploys the technologies that make XBRL Tagging & Filing fast and accurate

The experts on our team at The Nuvo Group will work with your accounting team to pick a workflow that best suits your company. Whether you’re a mid-cap, small-cap or OTC SEC repoting issuer, we’ll have your XBLR needs covered.

"The Nuvo Group are people of integrity — they do not just tell you what you may want to hear. Their employees will see a project through, from start to finish, and will not run out the door."

"There's a peace of mind that the process is being done correctly. They have so much experience that they can catch things in the document on their own and can fix them right there for us."

"The ultimate value is the customer service, the superior product and the surety of execution."

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We work with you hand-in-hand to ensure absolute document control, start-to-finish.

At The Nuvo Group, our extensive knowledge of, and experience with, SEC regulations ensures we deliver EDGAR filings that are on time, correctly formatted, meticulously reviewed for quality control and compliant to all technical requirements.

“For EDGAR SEC filings, The Nuvo Group helps us to focus on the strict timeframes that have been established by the SEC. We have a cut-off time of 5:30 PM for a same-day filing and 10:00 PM for a next-day filing. If we miss the 10 o’clock hour, we are then looking at a 6:00 AM deadline the next morning. It is compulsory that our Nuvo handlers maintain speed and accuracy for EDGARizing documents. They are quite proficient at making last-minute edits in order to help us meet industry established deadlines. Fred has stated that 5:30 and 10:00 PM are referred to as “fire drill” times, when the project must be done — no ifs, ands or buts!”

“These guys know things to look for that we often miss; they make suggestions on formatting and consistency that just makes a real difference — these are things that come with people who really know the business and really know YOU through a long-term relationship.”

“They are top performers and consummate professionals — very solutions oriented.”

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Digital Publishing Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing

We deploy the technologies that make document creation and management fast and effortless

The Nuvo Group has a vast infrastructure of digital publishing technology at its disposal to ensure document composition and electronic delivery that meets your recipients’ most demanding quality standards – whether in PDF format or HTML.

“One constant challenge we have, in particular, revolves around formatting the documents in a certain fashion. Fred and Tony can accomplish this for us in record time, and we are very pleased with the end result. What sets them apart is that, if they are unable to bring a project to fruition on that very business day, they will issue an advisory to us beforehand. They have stellar integrity and will keep us in the loop if extensive edits necessitate adjusting the target deadline.”

“They know what you’re looking for, and what your hot buttons are, so they anticipate issues ahead of time, and the job runs very smoothly.”

“There’s a peace of mind that the process is being done correctly. They have so much experience that they catch things in the document on their own and fix them right there for us.”

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